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Phase 3: Our Path Forward

The Battle River Economic Opportunities Committee has taken a proactive, hands-on approach since day one.  

BREOC is recognized provincially and nationally as best in class for their transition efforts and inter-municipal cooperations.

With a shared vision and comprehensive multi-year programs in place, BREOC is poised to ensure a sustainable future for the Region.

The first steps have been through the Transition Plan: Our Path Forward.  This 2-year program consists of 3 elements and 22 interrelated projects.

For More Information, find the report here:

Transition Plan: Our Path Forward

Element 1: Building a Foundation for Successful Transition (Capacity Building)

Element 2: Introduce & Pursue Key Mitigation Measures (Impact Mitigation)

Element 3: Capitalize on Key Development Opportunities (Opportunity Seeking)

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