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Phase 2: Opportunities Study

In the Battle River Region, an irreversible change is underway – a change dominated by shifting economic, social, demographic and technological drivers of development. These drivers of change are global. Concurrent with these broader development changes, other localized forces are at play for the citizens, enterprises and municipalities within the County of Paintearth No. 18, Flagstaff County, the Towns of Castor and Coronation, the Villages of Forestburg and Halkirk, and the greater region that surrounds them (BREOC).

This report explored some of the economic opportunities and mitigation possibilities that present themselves in moving forward. From this base of discussion the report also introduced a high-level Transition Plan meant to guide the Region in its deliberations.

Project Purpose

“ identify realistic economic opportunities that can be pursued which will make significant contribution to the economy of the region and complete an economic and social impact analysis of the effects of the closure of the power generating station and coal mine, in order to assist the region with future decision making.”

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