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Battle River Transition Planning

Economic transition is not a final, identifiable state at a fixed point in time; it is an ongoing process; it represents the consequence of decisions made over time and continues to evolve going forward. This is achieved most readily when Regions/communities are free to respond
to their specific circumstances in a manner that is premised on their own unique realities and priorities.


The approach to transition needs to be strategic and strong local leadership is critical. Moreover, it needs to be realistic in light of the capacities of the location in which efforts are focused, and it must be holistic, taking care not only to emphasize economic renewal but also to facilitate positive social change and adjustment.


At its best, transition is transparent and inclusive, driven and guided by local stakeholders with a long-term focus and commitment.  


We continue to strive to find new strategies for dealing with economic transition to support our Region.

BREOC's Guiding Principles


Think Regionally

Collaborative Effort

Communication and Transparency

Mutual Trust and


Equitable Engagement



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