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Economic Transition is something that we at BREOC take very seriously, and our committee is working each and every day to make a positive change.

The Battle River Economic Opportunities Committee is a collaborative partnership representing the County of Paintearth No. 18, Flagstaff County, the Towns of Castor and Coronation, the Villages of Forestburg, Halkirk and Heisler, and the greater Region that surrounds them. This is a unique partnership of seven communities and counties in East Central Alberta.

BREOC members understands the need for and critical importance of economic transition and they appreciate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

With deep roots in energy, the Battle River Region has been home to energy players competing on a global scale; from the Battle River Power Generator to the Hardisty Tank Farm and the countless local suppliers that support the energy sector. But while deep roots provide stability, growth requires innovation and diversification. As a result of the energy sector’s understanding of this need, exciting changes are happening in the Battle River Region.

BREOC Takes Initiative on Transition Journey

From the moment of the provinces Climate Change Strategy (Climate Leadership Plan) was announced, BREOC wasted no time in becoming a Leader for Coal Transition in the province and the country, as they began their transition journey.

BREOC immediately commissioned an Impacts Study and subsequent Opportunities Study, of which become the founding pillars to the Transition Plan "Our Path Forward" and the Private Sector Development (PSD) Strategy.

Phase 1: Impacts Study

Phase 2: Opportunities Study

Regional Collaboration for Economic Prosperity


Communities Band together for Growth

barrel storage capacity increase at Gibson's Hardisty Terminal

5 to 10 million



by diversifying its operations



Region Explores 

Value Added


The Battle River Economic Opportunities Committee is helping the Region move to Sustainable Socio-Economic Prosperity and an Optimistic Outlook for the Region.

See Our Path Forward for more information.


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